Contact links

Other websites which you may find interesting and useful are listed here.  These include links to model flying organisations, and other links to government and official organisations we often have to deal with for flying matters.

Flying organisations

  • BMFA  British Model Flying Association – for all matters about model flying in the UK
  • BMFA AS  BMFA Achievement Scheme – for all information and documentation about the Achievement Scheme
  • SABMFA  Southern Area of BMFA  – for information and events in the southern area 
  • SMAC  Southampton Model Aero Club – for a local club 
  • WMAC – Winchester Model Club  – for a club not so local
  • GBRCAA Great Britain R/C Aerobatics Association – for all matters relating to pattern aerobatics in the UK

Other organisations

  • FC  Forestry Commission, England
  • FC NF  Forestry Commission, New Forest
  • Verderers The Verderers of the New Forest
  • Natural England  The Government’s advisor on the environment
  • NFNP  New Forest national Park