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 The BMFA (Andy Symons) has sent the note (below) to all clubs.  The important point is: 
  The Government has ordered that certain venues must close, including indoor and outdoor leisure and sporting facilities.  We therefore see little option for model flying clubs to continue operating during the period of lockdown and they should close.
 Please read the full note using the link below.  Of course we (the BMFC) are deeply disappointed by this news, but ever mindful of the reasoning behind it.  The current status of the Covid-19 pandemic is not good, and the country is clearly in a risky situation. We, the model community, do not want or need to add to the peril, and individually we all need to look after ourselves.
As a result, please do not go to the flying field from Thursday 5th November, until advised. We will keep you informed if any other news emerges.


Covid-19 restrictions  2020 11 2

 As you are no doubt well aware the UK government has just set new restrictions for the 5th November onwards.   It is not entirely clear how that affect us.  
In the past the BMFA has argued that model flying is permitted as “exercise” including limited travel to facilitate such exercise.  We understand they are discussing this again, and may make an announcement soon.  For now their guidance is continue.   
I have just spoken to our Forestry contacts today.  They are also digesting the implications of the new restrictions.   For the moment  the situation is that access for the next 3 days is as it currently is.  From Thursday on the likelihood is that access will be restricted but it not clear how and where, but they will contact me when they know.
I trust that all model flyers will act sensibly with due regard for their own safety, and the well-being of others.  We are all the same situation: we want to fly models, but we don’t want to catch the virus or pass it on.  So we have to be sensible.

Model Aircraft Law changes

You will be aware that the UK Government is bringing forward legal restrictions on model aircraft and drones to address a perceived drone problem.   In particular:

  •  Sport flying should be kept below 400ft.  Our maximum height at Beaulieu is 1000ft.  
  •  Registration and certification are now required.

Please be aware of these changes and be prepared to support the BMFA and the BMFC to help protect your rights to continue model flying.