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BMFC Membership system – Register, then Login

The BMFC has set up a new membership system for model flyers who are interested in model flying at the Beaulieu Airfield.  By registering with the BMFC, which is free, you are identifying yourself as an interested person.   Registration creates an individual account for you which contains information about you.   You can inspect your account, edit it and delete it if you wish.   

Being a registered member will  entitle you to visit other parts of this website where there  is useful information about model flying and about Beaulieu.   Eventually you will be able to contribute comments, and information. It does not entitle you to fly at Beaulieu until you also have a permit.


If you are not yet Registered  please click the “Register” button below and you will proceed to a registration page where you can set your own password.   (The “Register” may appear grey, but is still live.)

If you have already registered then just login with your id and password.

If you have previously registered but have forgotten your password then please send us a notification here as the “forgotten password” link below sometimes causes problems so should be ignored.


Registered members who wish to fly their own models at Beaulieu can apply for a flying permit, at a nominal cost.  The permit application process is defined here  and you can proceed to apply for a permit by following the links.